Site Designers, Inc.

SDI Technology...Powered by Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual C#

All the power of C++ with the stability you've come to expect from Microsoft.

Visual Basic

Microsoft Visual Basic has been around for over 25 years.  With the latest versions, it's gotten more powerful than ever and rivals the power of ANY other programming language.

Data Access

We can use either Microsoft Access or MySQL or, for power users, Microsoft SQL Server.

All are reliable and, in cases where you'd like to able to manipulate data yourself.  For small sites, MS Access or MySQL are great choices.

We can use whichever database technology you require.

The Lastest Technology

The latest and most used programming technology for Windows is Microsoft Visual Studio which includes C#, Visual Basic and ASP.NET.

It brings the power to program a desktop application or a web solution in the same suite.

With Miscrosoft Visual Studio, we can create whatever application or website you require.

We have the power and expretise to create your application or website the way YOU want it to be.

What We Do...

  • Website Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Data driven websites
  • User updatable websites
  • Cutom Windows desktop programming